June 11, 2015

Qingdao, Shandong, China

What Lonely Planet said: Offering a breath of fresh (ocean) air, Qingdao is a rare modern city that has managed to preserve some of its past. Its blend of concession-era and modern architecture puts China’s standard white-tile and blue-glass developments to shame. The winding cobbled streets and red-capped hillside villas are captivating. There is also plenty to enjoy in the city’s diverse food scene, headlined by the ubiquitous hometown beer Tsingtao.

I was there: June 26 - 27, 2013

Camera used: Canon EOS 40D, Samsung Galaxy Note

Me at Little Fish Hill, Qingdao

A pagoda at the hill gives visitors a very good view of Qingdao City

The beach at Qingdao

There is a German influence on the architecture here

The pagoda

An artist working on snuff bottles

Qingdao skyline from the Qingdao International Sailing Centre

Qingdao is chilly despite it being in the middle of Summer

Qingdao marina at night

Me with a lion 'guarding' the marina

A scale model of Qingdao City. I was there for a 'business trip'

Qingdao is well-known for its beer culture

Tsingtao Beer Fountain

There is a beer museum at the Tsingtao factory

Beer from around the world

The museum sells beer ice-cream

I got to drink 'raw', unfiltered freshly-brewed beer

At the beer bottling facility