May 7, 2015

Jiufen, Taipei County, Taiwan

What Lonely Planet said: Nestled against the mountains and hemmed in by the sea is the villages of Jiufen, one of the quaintest stops along the northeast coast. The village was a mining centre during the Japanese era and by the 1930s, Jiufen was so prosperous it was known as 'Little Shanghai'

I was there: September 22, 2010

Camera used: Canon EOS 40D

Surroundings of Jiufen

Scenery around jiufen

Houses in Jiufen seen from an observation tower

A small town and the Pacific Ocean

A contrasting of the houses and green trees

The upper-most section of Jiufen Old Street

Me at the old street

One of several souvenir shops

Wooden sandals

Sausage stall at Jiufen

Taiwanese sausage is a must-eat when visiting Taiwan

More food stalls

The stairs that is famous in Jiufen

Amei teahouse

Me with Amei Teahouse that is supposedly well-known for being a shooting location for a movie or TV series.

Men at work in front of an old theatre
One of the workers wearing an interesting looking hat

The steep stairs seen from the bottom