April 2, 2015


What Lonely Planet said: Ditch the image of Singapore as a dull, sterile Utopia – scratch the surface and you’ll discover a strange brew of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures, a rich social stew that’s anything but boring. Sure, the graffiti-free trains run on time, traffic jams are nonexistent and everyone looks clean-cut and wholesome, but who needs pollution, poverty and chaos?

I was there: Most recently, March 23, 2011 - March 27, 2011

Camera used: Canon EOS 40D

The Fullerton Hotel & Singapore River

Me and my favourite snack in Singapore... ice-cream sandwiched by wafers

Sculpture of children playing in Singapore River

The famous Merlion statue was converted into a temporary art installation

Me at the The Merlion Hotel

Singapore Flyer & Marina Bay Sands


Singapore skyline while walking to the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands

The skyline from Esplanade

About to cross The Helix Bridge to Marina Bay Sands

The Art Science Museum

There was a special exhibit on Genghis Khan
Swords used by the Mongolians

Steel pattern of a sword

Tang Treasures: One of the largest gold cup ever found

Exquisite design on an ornament

Marina Bay Sands shopping mall

Dusk and Singapore skyline

Another photo of the skyline

Hindu temple at Chinatown

Garlands for Hindu worship
Tooth Relic Temple with an actual tooth of the Buddha!

Emerald Buddha. The temple also is a museum with Buddhist statues and relics

Zen Buddhism style Buddha

Floating Bodhisattva

Monks praying at the temple

Orchard Road, the premier shopping street in Southeast Asia

Orchard Road again

Clarke Quay

River cruise at Clarke Quay