March 19, 2015

Yangshuo, Guangxi, China

What Lonely Planet said: Seasoned travellers to Guangxi used to make Yangshuo their base, but many of these veterans now gripe about Yangshuo's lack of authenticity – ‘too many tourists’, they complain. And they’re right: the town, once peaceful, is now a collage of Chinese tour groups, bewildered Westerners, pole-dancing bars, bad traffic and the glue that binds any tourist hot spot together - touts. Outside of town, however, the karst landscape is surreal. Take a bamboo-raft ride or cycle through the dreamy valleys and you’ll see.

I was there: January 11, 2013 - January 12, 2013

Cameras used: Canon EOS 40D, Samsung Galaxy Note

Me at Big Banyan Tree scenic area

The Big Banyan Tree famous for being a shooting location of classic Chinese musical Liu Sanjie

Close-up of the tree

Scenery at the scenic area

Cold, misty day at Yangshuo

A farm at the scenic area

A pavilion at Dragon Gathering Pool

Another pavilion near the pool

The Dragon Gathering Pool is actually famous not for the pool but for the cave system there. The caves are lit and part of the tour is a cruise and a short trek inside the caves
Jianshan Temple
Censer at the temple

Yangshou is well-known for the Li River that flows through beautiful karst landscape that inspired ancient Chinese paintings

A covered bridge beside Li River

'Bamboo' rafts and cruise boat at Li River

Karst formation at Yangshuo

Cormorant fisherman

The Cormorant is trained to catch fish. The bird can't swallow the fish as there is a ring around the neck

Impression Liu Sanjie is a nightly show by famed Chinese directr, Zhang Yimou

The musical extravaganza shows village lives and features Liu Sanjie's legendary love story

The shows are filled with 'Mountain' songs by Zhuang people

Lot's of shopping and nightlife in Yangshou

The hotel with one hell of a view